Fashion Cowgirl Boots Photo Shoot | Cowgirl Boot Photos

As an online retailer of fashionable cowgirl boots, understands the value of photography as it pertains to our customers. When you cannot physically see, touch, try on, or smell (nothing better than the fragrance of fresh leather!) the boots at RiverTrail’s website, pictures are the only way to convey the beauty of the cowgirl boot brands we carry. RiverTrail just wrapped up our 2nd photo shoot with the fabulous Shannon Wood Photography. Believe us when we say this was a super fun, down home country photo shoot! Our beautiful boot models (they're sisters!) and literally the girls next door (neighbors of ours!), are as real and accomplished as they come. Sara and Stacey may not be ropin’ and ridin’, but they portray the poise and confidence we feel every boot buyin’ RiverTrail lady should. Shot at our beautiful family farm, RiverView Stable, we hope this short (and very homemade) video gives you, our valued customers, a behind the scenes look at what we love to do – sell cowgirl boots!

RiverTrail will begin posting photos from the shoot in the next couple weeks. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to keep up! Also, we know a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you ever need additional photographs of cowgirl boot styles listed at, please email us – - and we will be happy to assist you!