Having trouble with Fit?

The problem you are experiencing is quite common in Brands we carry and especially all brand new boots. The instep is snug and will not let you slide your foot in? There are a couple of things we do to alleviate this issue. First, and most common, is to take the plastic bag the boots came in and use them in place of a sock. This is helpful in reducing friction. Then we will recommend putting your fist into the area that is tight and stretching the leather a little. Next, with your boot on the floor, put your pointer fingers through the boot pulls and then try to twist your foot in. When you get to the place that you are getting stuck just stop pulling and rest. Take about 30 seconds to let yourself and the boot acclimate. If you feel your heel slip then you can start to push down with your heel. (This is all easier written than done but I have done it in the store 100s of times.) If you were still having issues then I would recommend that you take dry dish towels and cram them into the area that is tight. Cram them enough to move the leather visibly. Let them sit for a day or two and then take out dish towels. This should stretch the leather enough to get your foot in. Try to set aside a time when you are not tired or in a rush. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will talk you through the steps.
Please read this guide on how a cowboy boot should fit before initiating a return. We want to ensure you have the perfect fit for your new pair of boots.  The proper fit of a pair of cowboy boots can differ significantly from that of a standard pair of shoes. The proper fit of a boot can vary by brand and style as well.  Please reference the guide below to ensure a proper fit.

Cowboy Boot Fit Guide

This is a very important part to guarantee the right fit. If the shaft is too narrow and you have a high instep, try a boot with a zipper.
To give you more stability when you walk, the ball of your foot should fit in between the widest part of the boot. Check that the ball part of your foot is in the proper place. If your toes are too far forward into to the front of the boot, then the boot is likely too short.
A boot should slip a little in the heel. When you start using a new boot, the brand new leather can take a few days to stretch, which will eventually result in a more comfortable fit. However, the slippage should not cause discomfort.
Boots can come in a variety of toe styles such as pointy, round, square and snip toe.
Boots can come in a variety of shaft heights. Some of our shafts have a European fit. The boot shaft should fit close to your calf with no large gap.
Pull tabs are used to help slide your foot into your cowboy boots. They are present on most boots that do not have a zipper.