There is something magical about buying your first (or 10th) pair of cowboy boots. It’s an experience RiverTrail Mercantile strives to make special for each online customer that visits our website. We aren’t selling a country lifestyle. Roping and riding is not our forte. Although we do love our beautiful family farm and gentle haflinger horses. What we are selling is a unique product – an exciting piece of merchandise that you can make memories in for years to come.

Western fashion is not just for cowgirls anymore. While we dearly love our cowgirls, we also know that the Boot Brands at RiverTrail appeal to folks who have never stepped foot on a farm, ridden a tractor, or rolled in the hay. These days, we put our boots on for country concerts, weddings, or just a quick trip to the grocery store. Sure, cowboy boots are not for everyone. Only a boot lover knows the thrill of seeing a cutting edge design or the rush that comes from the fresh smell of new leather. It’s an addiction really, one we quickly fell victim to. RiverTrail now carries over 500 styles of cowboy boots!

It all began in 2010. Our family owned and operated brick and mortar was not going as planned. We needed something fantastic; something distinctive to set us apart, and while we loved our gorgeous country corner timber frame store, we needed it to be worldwide. We found our niche. It was cowboy boots. We started out with lines like Old Gringo and Corral, slowly adding more styles, and quickly gaining loyal customers.

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than a happy customer. We pride ourselves not on customer service; instead we specialize in customer delight. RiverTrail strives to keep best selling boots in stock, to bring in new designs every season, and to get product to customers efficiently and professionally. Our ability to do so rests heavily on our family morals of hard work and honesty. You should meet the gang!

Patrick Hauser, Jr. is the man who keeps RiverTrail alive. The majority of our success comes from his drive to learn and determination to execute. You won’t talk to him on the phone if you call customer service, as he’s the man behind the scenes who is constantly developing new ways to better our business.

Pat Hauser, Sr. is our Dad. Without him, RiverTrail would not exist today. He helped build this business with the utmost care, and even though he spends most of his days down on the farm, he still pops in to lend a helping hand or just say hello.

Suzie Hauser, our beautiful mother. This woman does it all. She keeps us sane, brings us lunch, and makes sure we remember that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Oh, she also sells boots like hotcakes!

Lauren Walters, that’s me. I do the majority of the buying, processing of orders, customer service, and social media. My job is fabulous! The best (and at times most challenging) part is working with the people I love.

Paul Clinton Walters, aka, Clint. If you’ve called our customer service department, you have more than likely talked to this guy. We hired him in 2012, and he became an official member of the family in October of 2013, when he and I said “I do.” Clint takes excellent care of our customers, is extremely well versed in boot lingo, and loves his wife and child.

If you have purchased boots with RiverTrail before, or if you’re considering a purchase in the future, there’s only one thing left to say. Welcome to the family!