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Corral Turquoise Chocolate Inlay and Studs G1184

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The Corral Turquoise Chocolate Inlay and Studs are a show stopping pair of boots. Chocolate leather with studs overlay beautifully distressed turquoise leather. This is the boot for the cowgirl who wants her boots to make a scene and stand out in a crowd. The G1184 goes great with a pair of jeans! 

  • Tube Height 12"
  • Heel Height 2 "
  • Snip Toe

Reviews (3)

Cavalier Cowgirl 26th Feb 2016

Cavalier Cowgirl

I love these boots. They are beautiful, comfortable, and will look great in the show ring. I wore them all day the first day I got them. A real winner.

HappyGal 25th Jan 2016

Stunning boot

The balanced design and remarkable use of color in this boot is what sold me on them initially. Be aware, however, that the turquoise leather leans more on the side of green than blue. If you've ever been to the Bahamas or Bermuda, these boots are the color of the ocean there... absolutely magical. Added to which, that green-blue leather has a sheen -- a rich luminosity that contasts beautifully with the intricate overlays of tan and chocolate leather that are more matte. I LOVE the "collar" around the foot and ankle area which lends the boot even more Western flavor. It anchors the total look and magnificently compliments the "answering" designwork encircling the top, front, and back of the boot shaft, while allowing the essential turquoise underneath to stand forth and sing. I have a slender foot (AA) and fall somewhere between an 8 and 8.5. I find I am generally safer, even in a boot that feels a bit roomy, to stick with the larger 8.5 in a close-toed shoe, which is what I got in this. These boots have extra room at the toe, but I wouldn't go lower than the 8.5 I purchased as I do a lot of walking in my boots and cannot stand the feeling of cramped toes. Another reason for why I think these boots are so successful is the judicious use of studs. Studs are cool. Studs are macho. Studs are fashion-forward. So I guess it's no wonder Western bootmakers often overdo this decorative feature, either by using a blizzard of studs that are too large, or by leaning on them exclusively as a design element and plastering them everywhere there is undecorated space until the boot can't "breathe." On this boot, two different sizes of stud are used. They are used sparely and intelligently -- not all over the boot, but at certain strategic points to direct where the eye is to go. As a result the finished product has depth and interest beyond the sum of its parts. Last, but not least, these boots are exceptionally comfortable. The leather lining is velvety soft. My feet just sink into them and sigh... I am so glad I took the leap of faith on a brand new to me. Rivertrail Mercantile is to be commended for showcasing the quality they do, and for the super-fast delivery service they provide. I'm sure I'm not the only one that checks the USPS link many times a day to see "where" the boots are when they are in transit! This was the first Corral purchase I've ever made and will not be the last.

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