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Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Ellie Brass Yellow

The Old Gringo Ellie cowgirl boots are made from the finest, high quality, brass brown leather. Old Gringo handcrafters designed the Ellie Boots with intricate floral embroidery etched in golden...

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Sora Red

We found the cutest red booties around! The Old Gringo Sora Red short cowgirl boots are beautifully detailed with colorful floral embroidery etched in pink, purple, teal, orange, yellow and green...

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Nicolette Red 15" L2310-3

The Nicolette Red Boots by Old Gringo are so smokin' hot! The leather is beautifully distressed, and we love the taller, 15 inch shaft. Floral, lace like overlay designs in tan brown thread adorn...